Spirit Week T-Shirt Contest

The Student Council and Parent Council are sponsoring the 6th Annual Durham Academy Spirit Week T-shirt contest. Please consider submitting a design to celebrate DA Middle School spirit. Your design may be chosen to decorate the t-shirts given to all Middle School students during Spirit Week.  Here are some details about the contest.

  • Your submission must include the Durham Academy name or Logo and the year 2017 somewhere in the design. You may choose to include a front pocket design, a back design, or both.
  • Your design must be created by hand in a black fine point Sharpie. (No colors or ultra fine lines in the original submission. No computer generated images.)
  • You may attach a second draft with suggested color scheme (not required). The front pocket is limited to 1 color and the back can have up to two. Please understand that we may need to change the colors at the printers.

 Design submissions are due by Monday 12/5 at 8:00 AM to Ms. Morris, Ms. Aitken, or Ms. Mack.


Spirit Week T-Shirt Contest 2017 FORM

ODA Service Awards!

Every week, some students are recognized with the ODA service award. These awards give the community the opportunity to hear about what kind and honorable acts the students at Durham Academy have done. Student council rewards these great acts with a free snack from the student council store and a keychain from Durham Academy’s 3D printer. Let’s see who won this week!

Jackson B. -Grade 8- Jackson helped a 5th grader who had dropped their books.

Kathryn F. -Grade 8- When Alexi was injured playing basketball at home, Kathryn got a get well card for him and had her whole advisory sign it  and share their well wishes.

Hutch C. -Grade 8- Hutch carried water jugs to the movement room during his free time after school.

Carly S, Emmie S, Marcella K, Molly H -7th Graders- These ladies assisted Dr. Berry-James carry hot lunch to her daughter’s advisory.

Thanks to everyone who won this week for helping make our community a better place! Thanks for reading and remember to look next week for our new ODA winners!