DA MS Halloween 2017 from DA MS Student Council on Vimeo.

Halloween this year was a very fun and exciting time. We started off a few days before decorating many advisory doors. Halloween day was quite a blast. There were many creative and punny costumes this year. A funky schedule was added to allow for the numerous Halloween festivities we had planned for the afternoon. We had many costumes lined up for the parade and even more fun inside Taylor hall with the humorous and well done drama play, the creative movement piece, and Art’s slideshow of their many masterpieces. To wrap things up, the Student Council worked hard to make a Halloween rap as well as Mr. Ulku-Steiner, Mr. Hark, and Mr. Meredith performing their rap at Taylor Hall. There was also a sweet surprise at the last hour of school. It’s not like we would get stuffed with sugary treats at home nonetheless having a dessert food truck rodeo! All in all this Halloween was very fun and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year!

Watch the video above that Ms. Mack made containing many of the Halloween photos!

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