2017-2018 SC Elections Information

If you are are interested in running Student Council for the 2017-2018 school year, this is the blog post for you! The directions, documents, and videos that follow will provide you with the essential information you will need during the process of running for a position on Student Council. Questions? Come see Ms. Aitken (room 413) , Mrs. Morris (room 411), or Ms. Mack (room 213).


  • Tues 8/29 – All students interested in running for SC meet in the Board Room during lunch for an informational session (bring non-microwavable lunch) – THIS IS MANDATORY FOR ALL STUDENTS INTERESTED
  • Fri 9/8 by 3:02pm – All paperwork and your VoiceThread must be completed and turned in to Ms. Aitken (room 413), Mrs. Morris (room 411), or Ms. Mack (room 213).
  • Wed 9/12 to Fri 9/15 – Campaigning (5 posters for Grade Level Reps and 10 posters for officers) – see packet for more information about posters.
  • Fri 9/15 at 11:09am – SPECIAL SCHEDULE – Entire middle school will watch all officer and their grade level representative VoiceThread videos with their advisory. Students will then submit their votes for candidates before the end of tutorial.
  • Fri. evening 9/15 – The results of the election will be emailed to the candidates.
  • Mon 9/18 – Election results will be announced during morning announcements.
  • Mon 9/18 by 3:30 pm – All posters must all be removed.


The red link below will get you to a digital copy of the Fall SC Election Packet. Extra printed copies can be picked up from the classrooms of Ms. Aitken (room 413), Mrs. Morris (room 411), and Ms. Mack (room 213). Be sure to READ THE ENTIRE PACKET! 

  • Failure to follow any of these election guidelines may result in losing the privilege to run for this year’s Student Council.
  • Fall SC Election Packet 2017-18dr6nh


The VoiceThread for the Fall Student Council Election can be found below. This is where you will record your comment about why you think you would make a good candidate for Student Council.

VoiceThread Reminders:

  • Press and HOLD the VoiceThread below and select “Open in VoiceThread” to hear Mr. Schafer’s Directions and to add your video comment for your speech on the slide for the position for which you are running.
  • You will need to record a video comment (up to 30 seconds for grade level reps and up to 60 seconds for officers).
  • If you are proposing any changes or making any promises for next year, you must email ALL of the SC advisors to get approval for your idea before submitting your recording.
  • There should not be any props, music, extra people, or special effects in your comment. You should also only use the VoiceThread program. All video comments made with other programs will need to be re-recorded by the due date.
  • Your comments will not go live until Mr. Schaefer approves the comment, which will happen when everyone who is running for the office has finished their recordings.



If you are having trouble signing into the VoiceThread app, please watch this troubleshooting video below to learn how to log in and how to change settings in VoiceThread. Still having trouble AND have watched the video below? Please see Mr. Schafer (he’s the best!).

VoiceThread iOS App Settings Adjustments from Durham Academy on Vimeo.