Halloween 2018-19

This year’s Halloween is going to be spectacular! This year we have a fun parade planned, an assembly with performances by your peers, and an exciting Dessert Truck Rodeo!

Treats range in price from $5-$15 for the Dessert Truck Rodeo so be sure to plan ahead to ensure you can get all the treats you want.

Below is the schedule of the day, the location of the dessert trucks, the list of trucks, and all the menus of each truck.

Here is the link to a PDF of the documents below!

Halloween Dessert Truck Menus Fall 2018 (1)-1pj4ufi


Halloween Information

As you know we will be having many Halloween festivities next Tuesday. Above there is an attachment where you can find extra information about menus for the dessert food truck rodeo and our special schedule for that day. Don’t forget to bring in your Halloween decorations for door decorating before THIS THURSDAY’S advisory period (your advisory may want to start early since SC will be around on Monday at lunch to check the doors). We’ll also be checking UNICEF money on Monday. Remember, you need at least $10 in your advisory box to earn an extra ticket to the costume parade and the advisory in each grade with the most money will get a special treat. Thanks!


1718 Food Truck Rodeo Menu, Schedule, & Truck Locations 2017-2faz8tr

Halloween and Food Truck Rodeo!

Hey middle school! Just a reminder that tomorrow is a big day! Students (and teachers:) will be dressing up in their Halloween costumes tomorrow for the parade and assembly at the end of the day! The 8th grade chorus, movement, and band classes have some really cool performances set up and there will be a surprise performance at the end! Remember to bring 5-10 dollars to spend at the dessert food truck rodeo. There are 11 different food trucks with a huge variety of sweet treats! Feel free to check out there menus from the email from student council to see what trucks you might want to go to. There will be UNICEF boxes all around campus for you to donate your extra money from the rodeo to! (Make sure to trick or treat for UNICEF on Halloween too!) We are looking forward to seeing your costumes tomorrow!

– Molly and Katherine

food truck menus & locations