Bloggers for 2017-18 School Year! + School Store Reminder!

Hey, DA community welcome to this year’s EduBlogs, I am your new 7th Grade Public Relations, Amari O. Obviously I’m a 7th grader and as I included in my speech, I play 4 sports and I’m really interactive with people. My favorite color is red, so when I’m rocking all red just know that it’s my favorite color, and my favorite ice cream flavors are Cookies N Cream and Vanilla. I love to dance and sneaker shop. I’ll be posting all year on this year’s blog, so let’s have fun and have a good year.

-Amari O. (7th Grade PR)

Hi! Welcome to the Student Council blog, My name is Veronica Q. and I am your secretary for this year. As you know I am a 7th grader at DA, I love to sing and my favorite sports include Shotput, discus, and tennis. My favorite color is mint and I love coffee ice cream. On the blog, I will be one of the people making sure information gets out to you all so please keep checking the blog. I can’t wait to share new and upcoming events with you all!

-Veronica Q. (Secretary)

Hey! I’m Molly H., this year’s 8th grade Public Relations Officer! I can’t wait for another year of student council events and activities! Here in the blog we’ll get to post all of the major events that the Student Council will put on and give you updates about life at the middle school! This is my second year at DA, and I love sports! I am a HUGE UNC fan and I play basketball and soccer. My favorite color is UNC blue and I love chocolate mint ice cream! I am so excited for this year and all for the fun it will bring!

– Molly H. (8th Grade PR)


School Store:
Monday was the first day of the 2017-2018 school year that the school store will be open! Come on down to Mrs. Howes’s classroom and get your favorite snack or drink right after school from 3:00 to 3:20! All food is under $1.75. Some new additions we have to the store include; Gatorade protein bars, Nutella Go Packages, fish, Pirate Booty, Capri-Suns, and Izzes!

We also have a container next to our cash box which is for extra change. All of the proceeds in this jar will go to the efforts of Hurricane relief! Remember there is no added pressure to donate but please remember, everything helps.

We hope to see you this week at the store!