Spirit Week T-Shirt Design Contest

The Student Council and Parent Council are sponsoring the 7th Annual Durham Academy Spirit Week T-shirt contest. Please consider submitting a design to celebrate DA Middle School spirit. Your design may be chosen to decorate the t-shirts given to all Middle School students during Spirit Week. Here are some details about the contest.

  • Your submission must include the Durham Academy name or Logo and the year 2018 somewhere in the design.
  • You may choose to include a front pocket design, a back design, or both.
  • Your design may be created by hand or on a computer.
  • Hand drawn submissions must be drawn in a black fine-point Sharpie. No colors or ultra-fine lines in the original submission.
  • Computer generated submissions must be black & white, original designs, and may not include images from the internet. Please obey copyright rules.
  • You may attach a second draft with a suggested color scheme (not required). The front pocket is limited to 1 color and the back can have up to two colors. Please understand that we may need to change the colors at the printers.

Design submissions are due on Monday 12/4 at 8:00 AM to Ms. Morris (411), Ms. Aitken (413), or Ms. Mack (213).


Spirit Week T-Shirt Contest 2018-uwyjtk

What A Great Year…

Wow! It has been an amazing, fun-filled year! Make sure to find an eighth grader and wish them well through their journey in the upper school! Thank you Katherine for all you did for the student council and the blog this year… We’ll miss you next year! Happy summer to all middle school students and faculty! Here’s a quick recap of the first little bit of our 2016-2017 year…

In the beginning, we had a Spirit Week t-shirt contest, and ended up with an awesome shirt designed by MacKenna M., Camille M., and Alex H. Spirit Week was an awesome week this year… On Monday, (January 23), it was Sports Day… Dress up as your favorite athlete, or wear your favorite team colors! Then Tuesday (January 24) was Crazy Day. It was an awesome day to see your friends–and teachers!!– dressed in crazy goofy clothes! Wednesday (January 25) was Time warp day… People were dressed like themselves or their parents from years ago, and others in futuristic clothing–some even as dinosaurs! Thursday (January 26) was Pajama Day, one of everyone’s favorites! Wake up, brush your teeth, eat some breakfast, and grab your backpack… You don’t even have to get dressed! 🙂 The last day of Spirit Week everyone wore their 2017 Spirit Week shirts. We gathered together during the day to watch the Student-Faculty Basketball Game. That night was middle school night at the Cav Dome…We played out rival Ravenscroft and had sumo wrestling at half time, and a competition between advisories… The advisory with the most attendees got a pizza party! Then, we had the Middle School Winter Dance for 7th and 8th graders. The Winter Wonderland Dance was full of fun and the delicious food truck– Sweet Traditions.

Spirit Week Wrap-Up!

Last week was one of the student body’s favorite weeks of the year! It was so great to see all of the fun and creative ideas that people came up with throughout the week.

A big thank you and congratulations to MacKenna M., Camille M., and Alex H., the designers of our amazing 2017 spirit week shirts! They are awesome!

So, on to one of our favorite parts of the week– The Student vs. Faculty Basketball Game! We began with an amazing performance by the Upper School acapella group, Fourteen Hours, next we got to hear about all of our Middle School Winter Sports teams. Then we were introduced to our special guests– two Duke basketball player Kyra Lambert and Sean Obi and a Duke volleyball player, Jordan Tucker. We had a very exciting basketball game, but the faculty squeaked by with the win! It was very close and a big thank you to all of our players…


Chloe C., William C., John D., Nick G., Cameron H., Nicholas H., Lukas L,  Connor L., Lauren W., Sean M., Lucien A., Tristan M., Larkin C., Alex P., Alex D., Brent R., Nikolas G., Joey S., Jake Z. and Oliviero Z.


Mr. Fortin, Mrs. Goldstein, Ms. Brown, Mr. Harris, Mr. Boyd, Mr. Fitz, Mr. Michelman, Ms. Ellis, Mr. Lantzy, Mr. Pogach, Mr. Pronto, Mrs. Reade, and Mr. Ulku-Steiner.

The halftime show was a hit… Very fun and funny to watch and the champion, our very own, Clay M!

If you are interested in see pictures from the week – check out the link to the DA Flicker Account in the menu bar!

If you are interested in watching the game again… watch below! Thanks, Mr. Schafer for recording the event.

We can’t wait for next year!

Student vs. Faculty BB 2017 from Durham Academy on Vimeo.

Spirit Week T-Shirts!

The 2017 spirit week t-shirt has been revealed! It is awesome and we can’t wait to see the whole school wearing it on Friday! We want to congratulate the winners of the spirit week shirt design contest for making this year’s great! The front pocket was designed by Mackenna M. and Camille M. and the back by Alex H! Thank them and all the participants for their creative submissions! Just a reminder that the spirit week shirts will be delivered to your advisory Wednesday the 25th at lunch. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to dress up the rest of spirit week with crazy day tomorrow!

Here are the winning designs!




Winter Wonderland Dance

Hi everyone! It is once again time for our winter dance! But the student council has decided to switch things up from the traditional Valentines Day theme to a winter wonderland theme! We hope you’ll come and enjoy music, dancing and the sweet traditions food truck! Check out the poster below for all the details! Thanks for reading!


ODA Service Awards!

Every week, some students are recognized with the ODA service award. These awards give the community the opportunity to hear about what kind and honorable acts the students at Durham Academy have done. Student council rewards these great acts with a free snack from the student council store and a keychain from Durham Academy’s 3D printer. Let’s see who won this week!

Jackson B. -Grade 8- Jackson helped a 5th grader who had dropped their books.

Kathryn F. -Grade 8- When Alexi was injured playing basketball at home, Kathryn got a get well card for him and had her whole advisory sign it  and share their well wishes.

Hutch C. -Grade 8- Hutch carried water jugs to the movement room during his free time after school.

Carly S, Emmie S, Marcella K, Molly H -7th Graders- These ladies assisted Dr. Berry-James carry hot lunch to her daughter’s advisory.

Thanks to everyone who won this week for helping make our community a better place! Thanks for reading and remember to look next week for our new ODA winners!



Welcome to the Student Council Blog!

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 12.07.08 PM

Hi everybody and welcome to the 2015-16 Student Council blog run by Victoria and Claire! Victoria is the Secretary and Claire is the Historian. We are so excited to be sharing all of the wonderful things that happen in the Middle School and we hope that we will have many active readers this year. Our goal is to post at least once a week or more depending on the events that happen (i.e. Halloween festivities). We will try to share pictures taken by Claire and others as well as the writing of Victoria to give you an accurate representation of Middle School life. If you have pictures that you want to be featured in the blog from events, please email us at our school emails and we will be sure to post them for all to see. We want this to be a blog not just for the two of us, but for the entire Middle School community. So, if you have anything that you would like us to share, please let us know so we can incorporate your ideas into our posts! Thanks and remember to read so you know what’s happening in our community.


-Claire and Victoria